Update: Quality of Life, Balancing, Bugfixes

Instead of spending the day doing sexy things, I spent the day doing fiddly frustrating stuff in an attempt to give more "polish" or something.

That's okay, because the game is bit more entertaining now. Also definitely easier. Most importantly, less frustrating. 

Most of these changes stem from feedback given over the weekend, mostly from a video a redditor was kind enough to make with some very valid criticisms that have been mostly covered by todays update. 

  • mastered all audio to about half the volume
  • fixed a bug where the dash sound effect played while paused
  • you can hit space or gp_face1 (A button) to restart when you die
  • fixed a bug where the laser telegraph sound would still play after room end (sorry)
  • pickup texts (weapon names, etc) now properly draw on top of everything else
  • triangle bro's can no longer telegib you from off the screen lmao
  • in the same vein, all enemies had their engagement distances shortened. perhaps too far..
  • bullet speed is now 6/7 what it was for all enemies
  • dead bodies are about 20% darker now
  • large blue enemy bullets have smaller hitboxes, just the front of them basically
  • melee attacks can't hurt you quite as often now
  • physics is now instantly killed on dead enemies, they won't soak up bullets after death anymore
  • moved the view center from 1/4 of the way between player and reticle to 1/5 of the way. soon to come: a setting for this
  • dodging gives some uncommunicated i-frames, for the first 2/3rds of the dash
  • laser weapons do more damage
  • laser enemies and triangle enemies health nerfed
  • less spread on shotgun enemies
  • show a small warning about fullscreen mode overriding the resolution setting
  • spent a little time optimizing laser hitscan code. will definitely need more work..


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Apr 15, 2018
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Apr 15, 2018

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