Update: AI Pathing changes, Telegraphs

Time got cut short today, so today's update is missing some things I wanted it to have. nevertheless:

  • made the fullscreen warning slightly larger. changed the main menu background.
  • added the weapon HUD back in
  • changed the behavior of the mouse wheel. without an indicator on the HUD, though, its not very clear. thats coming tomorrow.
  • implemented telegraphs for triangle dudes and square dudes. under certain circumstances, they must show a half second warning that they're going to fire before they can.
  • changed enemy pathing to help them not bunch up under certain circumstances, at a significant performance hit.
  • ammo pickups home in on the player better
  • enemies cant spawn within a certain safe distance of the player
  • turned engagement distance down on laser dudes
  • added an experimental new level thats much larger, mostly as a testing ground for AI pathing optimizations. This level might run great on your computer, but my development machine chugs on it and I'd like to think it's included in the target machines.
  • added a sound for trying to shoot when out of ammo
  • enemies engagement distances now depend slightly on zoom level. this breaks smaller resolutions for now.


geobattle.zip 2 MB
Apr 16, 2018
geobattle_linux.zip 3 MB
Apr 16, 2018

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